Hotel Management Course

Students who are looking to pursue a job in the hospitality industry (hotels resorts, hotels tourism) take hotel management courses following the 12th. BHM (also called “the Bachelor of Management in Hotels”) MHM (also known as “the master of management in hotels”) are renowned hotel management courses. Admission to these courses is determined by merit or on the results of the hotel management entrance examinations and students must score at least 50% marks for the entire classes 10 and 12 examinations. NCHMCT JEE AIMA UGAT, as well as AIHMCT WAT, are the most prestigious entrance tests for courses in hotel management.

Before deciding which professional hotel management course to choose students can look at hotels management online courses through Udemy, Coursera, or Skill share. Find exclusive deals on the Udemy’s top hotels management classes here! The Diploma in Hotel Management is another well-known industry-based training course designed for people who want to get an employment opportunity right after the successful completion of the hotel management course. IHM Pusa, IHM Bangalore, IHM Kolkata are among the best Hotel Management Colleges.

What is Hotel Management Course Fee?

The cost of a Hotel Management Course is INR 1,00,000 to INR 4,00,000. for a master’s or bachelor’s degree in hotel management at IHM Pusa, IHM Bangalore or any other reputable hotel management college. Certificate and diploma programs in the management of hotels cost between INR 30, 000 between INR 80,000. Students may become hotel executives, managers, bakers or hospitality executives, catering executives after they have completed the professional hotel management program. A hotel manager is likely to earn an annual salary of INR 4.04 lakhs per year when he is freshers. The hospitality industry has seen many rapid changes over the period of covid, However, the business is now flourishing and providing numerous career opportunities and internships

What exactly is Hotel Management?

Hotel management courses cover the hospitality industry, such as hotels catering, customer service and front office management etc. Check: Hotel Management Course Subjects

Hotel Management Courses Costs vary from INR 15,000 and four lakhs to complete a master’s or bachelor’s level hotel management course. However, students can take certificates and diplomas in hotel management courses for less than INR one lakh.

In top hotel management institutes like IHM Pusa and IHM Mumbai the hotel management courses cost is between 3 and 4 lakhs.

Calicut University, BHU, and CMJ University are Hotel Management Colleges that charge less than INR 25,000.

Students must earn minimum 50 percent marks in class 10 and 12 to be qualified for courses in hotel management. Arts Sciences, Commerce and students may apply for courses in hotel management following the 12th.

Hotel management certificates are available immediately following graduation from class 10. Be sure to complete the Craftsmanship course in Food Production. AIMA UGA, GNIHM JET, NCHMCT JEE as well as AIHMCT are the three Hotel Management Entry Exams in 2022. Registrations are scheduled to begin in January 2022.

The typical length of a hotel management program is between 1 and 4 years. Diploma and certificate courses in hotel management could require less than a year to finish.

The eligibility requirements for Hotel Management

The minimum requirement to take the hotel management course is to pass the class 10 and class 12 with an overall score of 50 percent. In certain cases, the eligibility to be a hotel manager after the 12th grade is possessing a certificate in hotel management or a certification of hotel management.

The process of admission for diplomas and certificates for the field of hotel management is typically determined by merit or a first-come basis. BHM admission 2022 as well as the vast majority of the bachelor-level hotel management programs are based on the academic merits of classes 10 and 12.

Leading hotel management colleges have entrance tests for admission to the Hotel Management course admission 2022. Government Hotel Management Colleges accept NCHMCT JEE 2022 results, which will be held during April in 2022 (tentatively) The private Hotel Management Colleges conduct their own entrance tests for admission.

Final hotel management course admissions process is based on of scores from the entrance exam and performance in group discussions, as well as personal interview sessions.

The top hotel management schools are expected to start the registration process in April 2022

The eligibility criteria to apply for Hotel Management

  • A person who is eligible for the hotel management program is passing class 10 as well as the class 12 exam with a minimum cumulative score of 50 percent. In certain instances, an eligibility requirement for hotels management following 12 12 is to have the certificate in management of hotels, or a certificate of hotel management.
  • The process of admission for certificates and diplomas for hotels management programs is generally dependent on merit or on a first come basis. BHM Entry 2022 and the majority of bachelor-level hotel management programs are determined by the performance of classes 10 and 12.
  • The top hotel management schools have entrance exams to determine hotel management course admission 2022. Government Hotel Management Colleges accept NCHMCT JEE scores for 2022, which will be administered during April , 2022 (tentatively); Private Hotel Management Colleges have their own entrance tests to be considered for admission.
  • Hotel management course admissions are based on of the entrance exam’s scores as well as the performance of group discussions and personal interview sessions.
  • The top hotel management schools are expected to start the registration for hotel management courses process in April 2022.

Why should you take Hotel Management Classes?

The courses in Hotel Management are not restricted to the abilities of students just within the hospitality industry. Students can enroll in an MBA Course, or any other master’s-level management courses in order to break into different areas of management.

  • It’s up to the student if they want to be the manager of a five-star Hotel in the center of the city or operate an exclusive resort on the hill. The choice is entirely up to the individual student.
  • Students can reside abroad and visit new nations. Top hotel chains hire skilled hotel managers to oversee hotels around the world.
  • The possibility of a good salary is enormous. As per PayScale the salary starting after finishing a hotel management course begins at INR 2,00,000 and goes up to INR 6,00,000. As you gain experience, the salary can be as high as INR 12,00,000 up to INR 15,00,000.
  • It is a great opportunity for those who wish to run their own resort or hotel. With just a few years of experience in the field, and tiny amount of money they have the opportunity to start their own company in the industry of hospitality.
  • This industry will make people feel like they are located in an melting pot that encompasses different kinds of cultures. This gives you the chance to discover a lot about a variety of communities and people, along with their eating habits and preferences.

Hotel Management Courses Sectors

There are a variety of hotels management courses to choose from however, we’ve curated the top hotels management programs for students who are interested in studying. Anyone who wants to pursue their career in the field of hotel management should be aware of these.

Fast Food Joint Management

After having completed Hotel Management Courses, students can open your own fast-food chain when the desire is there in the student. The knowledge required for operating a fast food restaurant are covered in Hotel Management classes. If you have the proper management abilities, financial knowledge and an knowledge of the industry, students can run successful fast food restaurants and chain.

Cruise Ship Hotel Management

Hotel Management Courses are designed to teach different dishes that can be used on Cruise Ships. Students are required to spend between 5-7 years collecting experience and under the direction of chefs who work in cruise ship. It is among the most sought-after jobs and many chefs would like to pursue this career. Meeting people from different nations and getting to meet new people are some benefits of this profession.

Airline Catering and Cabin Services

Airlines employ cooks to prepare meals for long flights. Even though the food isn’t ready during the flight but it can be an ideal career choice for hotel managers who have completed their studies. Service is crucial as is the presentation.

Catering Services within Railway, Armed Forces, Ministerial Conventions

Serving food to officers with gazes and ministers with high rank is an enjoyable experience. You must be aware of the crowd before demonstrating your skills and cooking is more than the best way to do that. The management of such large occasions and catering to such famous people has an individual sense of satisfaction.

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